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Attention deficit disorder, also known as ADD, is a neurological disorder that causes an individual to struggle with behavior. These behaviors may include focusing on a task, completing an assignment, or struggling with communication and social interactions. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, also known as ADHD, is similar to ADD however it involves the challenge of physical self-control such as not being able to sit still. ADD and ADHD can sometimes be confused and/or used interchangeably. Understanding the similarities and differences of these two psychological and behavioral disorders is useful if you or someone you know may be displaying symptoms.

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Tara Javidan

Director Of Professional Outreach

Tara Javidan specializes in treating patients who are coping with the challenges of behavioral disorders such as ADD and ADHD. She specifically utilizes behavioral therapy practices and uses an integrative approach for treatment, which includes the strategies of CBT, DBT and ACT. Tara believes in helping individuals build the self-awareness and confidence needed to combat their struggles in order to redefine themselves. She is experienced in working with individuals of all ages and is passionate about making the appropriate and necessary adjustments to their therapeutic plan based on their unique backgrounds.