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Suicidal thoughts can occur when an individual experiences a period of deep depression that is accompanied by a sense of hopelessness and withdrawal from society. When somebody has suicidal thoughts, they submit themselves to self-harm and ultimately envision ways of ending their own lives. Seeking the help of a professional therapist is both critical and urgent in order to cease any negative thoughts by learning how to manage the stress and depression that may be causing them in the first place. 

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Raymond Myles


Raymond Myles specializes in treating individuals of all ages who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and other trauma and stressor-related disorders. He understands that individuals who have experienced trauma and stress are prone to mood changes and the onset of depression. He believes that if unrecognized and untreated, these mental health conditions can progress into the development of suicidal thoughts. Dr. Myles believes in the importance of seeking therapy as early as possible to combat the negative, harmful and serious thoughts of suicide.

Courntey Morris


Courntey Morris has a background in treating individuals who suffer from the effects of substance abuse, trauma, and self-injury. She knows that the onset of both depression and suicidal thoughts can go hand in hand if prior mental health conditions are not stabilized and treated promptly and effectively. Courtney emphasizes the importance of building positive self-esteem and improving lifestyles using a strengths-based approach. By practicing an approach that is centered around the idea of positively altering your mindset, she believes that changing thought-processes is not only possible, but achievable.