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Stress is a physical response to an emotional feeling of persistent nerves and fear. Worry is the reaction an individual may experience when continuously concerned. The human responses of stress and worry may blend in theory and can be interchangeably used. When they are both experienced by an individual for a period of time, it may result in the development of an anxiety disorder. Learning how to manage your stress, worry, and anxiety through the use of effective and healthy coping skills is crucial to living an anxiety-free life.

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Alexandra Sandoval


Alexandra Sandoval focuses her therapeutic approach on the use of holistic practices to treat mental health challenges. She believes in the importance of listening to your inner voice and instincts, as well as trusting your own gut. With a trained background in Yoga-Informed Psychotherapy, Alexandra understands the patience and support that is both needed and desired to overcome stress and worry. She centers the intention of therapy around the idea of self-worth and self-growth, while simultaneously teaching clients about the healthy ways they can surpass their worries and fears.

Casey Noreika

Director of Therapy

Casey Noreika is passionate about teaching patients struggling with stress, worry, and anxiety how to live healthier and happier lives. As a Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Noreika knows that untreated stress and worry can progress into the development of other serious and harmful mental health problems, such as sleep disorders, addiction, self-harm, and substance abuse. She approaches clients with a holistic approach, which involves the practice of incorporating healthy habits, like diet, exercise, and proper sleep hygiene to structure the basis for recovery. In addition to teaching her clients about healthy changes, Dr. Noreika uses CBT, ACT, and mindfulness techniques to help treat and anxiety-related issues.

Amanda Murphy


Amanda Murphy has a background in treating patients who come from a variety of stress-related and anxiety induced mental health problems. She strives to support and guide patients who suffer from anxiety and other consequential problems in a warm, non-judgmental, and nurturing environment that allows them to stay dedicated and committed to their treatment plan. With the collaborative support of a therapist, Amanda strongly believes in the power that individuals have to make the positive changes needed to alter their mindsets and achieve their goals.