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Social anxiety refers to the stress, worry, and fear associated with being in social settings and environments that involve human interactions. Many people who suffer from social anxiety may have a fear of being judged, viewed, or perceived in a negative light. Some individuals who have social anxiety may avoid social situations completely which can ultimately cause isolation; while others may use coping mechanisms to deal with the social interactions such as substance abuse. Understanding your anxiety and how to cope with it in healthy ways is a fundamental reason to seek the help of a therapist when suffering from social anxiety.

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Reggie Pacheco


Reggie Pacheco addresses anxiety with his clients through a lens that is non-judgemental, understanding, and patient. He is experienced in working with individuals who are dealing with mood disorders, anxiety, life transitions, stress management, trauma, educational/occupational stressors, identity concerns, and substance abuse. Dr. Pacheco has found that a common symptom stemming from many of these mental health issues is that of social anxiety. The basis of his approach to treating social anxiety in particular is integrative in the sense that psychological assessment and psychotherapy are used in conjunction to help the patient with understanding, balance, and confidence.

Charlinda Brashear


Charlinda Brashear uses a strengths-based approach to treat and manage the symptoms of social anxiety. She believes that patients looking to find healthy ways of coping with social situations and interpersonal communication are not only in control of their behaviors and choices, but are also in control of their own power to make positive changes. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Charlinda knows exactly how to listen, teach, and guide patients down a path of success and resolution. She focuses on helping individuals who may feel insecure about themselves in social settings to understand the skills needed to build self esteem.