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Sexual dysfunction occurs when an individual or couple struggles with the predictable cycle of sexual activity. The normal, or expected, routine of sexual activity follows the order of excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. When this plan is not attainable it is typically due to one, or possibly both partners, not being able to reach that level of excitement, mentally or physically. Some of the mental barriers that may cause physical issues in a sexual relationship could be that of stress, anxiety, fear, lack of confidence and/or self-esteem issues. 

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Jackie Chavez


Jackie Chavez delivers fair and understanding therapeutic services to individuals, as well as couples, who are seeking guidance and support with sexual dysfunction within a relationship. Even though sexual dysfunction can be due to a lack of biological and chemical responses that affect a physical reaction, she believes that uncovering psychological and mental challenges can help to improve a sexual and intimate relationship. Jackie provides a warm and supportive space that enables individuals with the confidence and drive needed to address their sexual dysfunction.

Courtney Morris


Courtney Morris specializes in treating individuals who struggle with gender identity, sexual identity, as well as relational issues. She understands that when some of these issues are unrecognized and/or untreated, there can be additional problems that develop, such as sexual dysfunction. Courtney focuses on targeting any of these underlying issues as potential causes for dysfunction in sexual activity as a foundation of building a healthier and more efficient sex life.

Maddie Barnes


Maddie Barnes approaches her clients in a genuine and caring fashion which fosters the compassionate and approachable attitude needed to treat sexual dysfunction. She centers her practice around the use of evidenced-based techniques such as CBT, person centered therapy, and solution focused therapy. Maddie also emphasizes the importance of utilizing the practice of mindfulness and other holistic approaches when treating individuals who are dealing with relationship and sexual dysfunction related issues.