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Schizophrenia is a complex psychological disorder that causes a person to not live in the present reality. Some of the characteristics of a person who may be suffering from schizophrenia is depression, withdrawal, social isolation, insomnia, living in a false reality, hearing voices, and/or seeing things that are not there. Working with a trained psychologist and/or psychiatrist to collaboratively find a balance of the right therapeutic approach and strategy is critical to functioning and living within society.

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Raymond Myles


Raymond Myles is a licensed clinical psychologist who is trained to work with individuals who may be questioning their mental state and/or reality. He utilizes a variety of evidence-based treatments such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Solution-Focused Therapy, Prolonged Exposure (PE), Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and other various mindfulness-based approaches to treat individuals suffering from mental health disorders. When working specifically with individuals who are trying to cope with schizophrenia, Dr. Myles strives to design a plan of treatment that is impactful and effective for maintaining as much normalcy as possible for themselves and their relationships.

Lindsey Ashamalla


Lindsey Ashamalla teaches her patients who suffer from psychological disorders to trust and be present while in therapy. She believes that with true commitment, individuals who suffer from schizophrenia can achieve balance and improve their quality of life. Dr. Ashamalla’s confidence in effectively assisting in balancing and improving a patient’s well-being comes from her extensive clinical background where she has spent much of her time assessing mental health disorders and seeing progress and real change.