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Relationship issues are one of the most common reasons individuals may seek professional counseling. When a person is suffering from a mental health issue such as depression, anxiety, mood disorders, personality disorders, or addiction, their interpersonal and intimate relationships may suffer. Some of these mental health issues may result in poor communication, unhealthy habits, and/or negative behaviors within a relationship. If ignored, issues within a relationship could turn into harmful behaviors such as verbal, emotional, or physical abuse. Reaching out for the support of a professional therapist to help couples work through their relationship struggles is an important part of making a relationship not only work, but thrive.

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Courntey Morris


Courntey Morris enjoys working collaboratively with individuals and couples who are seeking the counseling needed to make their relationships work. She believes that acknowledging issues within a partnership is the first positive step to making more positive changes to a relationship that may be struggling. Treating any missed or untreated mental health factors amongst the individuals is another essential portion of building a successful future. Therefore, Courntey also focuses on the individual needs of everyone involved

Victoria Nieman


Victoria Nieman approaches both individuals and couples who are looking to improve their relationship in a warm and collaborative manner. She believes that the foundation of overcoming problems within a partnership and developing a healthy bond is based on strong and effective communication. Listening to and understanding one another is a skill that Victoria works to instill in her clients. She utilizes an integrative practice that focuses on the use of holistic means and techniques, as well as psychotherapy, to teach better relationship ideals.

Maddie Barnes


Maddie Barnes provides a therapeutic setting which instills a strengths-based approach. This is an especially effective treatment strategy for individuals and couples who are experiencing issues within their relationship. By encouraging individuals to feel empowered and supported based on one another’s strengths, they learn and feel understood and validated by one another. Maddie designs a plan that treats the individuals by allowing them to focus on their own personal mental well-being, as well as on the partnership.