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Psychiatric consultation is an in-depth assessment and evaluation of an individual’s mental, chemical, biological, environmental, social, and medical factors that contribute to their emotional and behavioral state. Mental health professionals utilize specifically trained methods, techniques, and strategies to understand and design treatment plans for patients who are suffering with their mental health. Locating and reaching out to a licenced psychiatrist who is trained to provide a psychiatric consultation is the first step towards improving your mental health and well-being.

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Sharon Koys


Sharon Koys understands how the need for change to improve various elements in one’s life can be dependent upon receiving reliable, compassionate, and constructive therapeutic support. During a psychiatric evaluation, Sharon is able to illuminate and inform her patients how they can improve their communication and enhance their relationships through effective therapy, mindful lifestyle changes, and self-improvement. She utilizes her medical training as a physician assistant with a specialty in hematology and oncology, to offer clinical psychiatric assessment and diagnostic services to individuals who are looking for information and directive therapeutic plans.