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Postpartum depression occurs when a woman experiences feelings of depression after the birth of her own child. These symptoms of depression might include deep sadness, hopelessness, loneliness, isolation, as well as thoughts of hurting herself or her child. If left untreated, a person suffering from postpartum depression can downward spiral into a state of the inability to take care of herself, her children or her family. Seeking professional help at the first signs and/or symptoms of postpartum depression is critical to recovering and healing.

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Liz Calabrese

LCPC, Therapist

Liz Calabrese is passionate about helping her clients, particularly women, who are looking to strengthen, grow and learn about themselves and how to better their lives. She uses a collaborative approach by which she utilizes the strengths, abilities and wisdom from the patients themselves to help reach their goals. With a background in empowering women, Liz connects with women suffering from postpartum depression by listening, valuing, and respecting their thoughts and emotions. She believes that by reaching out for help when you are feeling vulnerable is essential to building self-awareness and increasing self-worth for not only yourself, but those around you.

Casey Noreika_CHICAGO LOOP

Casey Noreika

PsyD, Psychologist

Casey Noreika is experienced in working with clients that span a wide range of anxiety related issues, different forms of depression, as well as life adjustment and transition challenges. In particular, Dr. Noreika helps women battling postpartum depression by teaching stress management skills as a means of coping and managing realistic and meaningful goals. With a background in clinical and psychological testing, Dr. Noreika strongly believes that by utilizing psychological assessments as a means to understand and treat patients appropriately, it is possible to develop helpful and lasting mental and physical well-being.

Lindsay Buvel

LCPC, Therapist

Lindsay Buvel aims to treat all patients with openness, calmness and respect. She believes that by maintaining a light-hearted and joyful demeanor is an important way to approach individuals who may be dealing with inner-controversy and self-lows. Lindsay is experienced in working with individuals who are struggling with mood, anxiety, and personality disorders. Falling amongst these categories, Lindsay works with many women suffering from postpartum depression. When treating patients, she prefers to use an integrative approach, focusing on building and improving one’s thoughts, emotions and feelings.