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Post-traumatic stress disorder, also known as PTSD, is a psychological health condition that develops after an individual experiences a sudden, severe, and/or traumatizing event. The range of trauma is subjective to the individual. When a person suffers from PTSD, they typically endure night terrors, flashbacks, and persistent anxiety. When left untreated, PTSD can cause further mental and behavioral health issues such as addiction, sleep problems, anger issues, and depression. Contacting a mental health professional is critical to overcoming PTSD, trauma, behavioral consequences, as well as difficult thoughts and emotions.

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Rebecca Mueller


Rebecca Mueller works closely with her patients to help them deepen their mental and emotional awareness as a means to addressing anxiety and behavioral issues associated with trauma. She understands that trauma, whether subtle or severe, can leave impacting effects on an individual, resulting in post-traumatic stress disorder. Rebecca, a licensed and certified physician assistant, treats PTSD through a compilation of clinical and psychotherapeutic strategies which help her patients to confidently explore and acknowledge their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. She invites her patients into a warm, safe, and non-judgemental environment that offers a motivational and inspiring approach to personal and emotional change.

Sharon Koys


Sharon Koys focuses on providing individuals who are seeking mental peace and freedom from post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and past traumatic events with a positive and impactful therapeutic experience. She strives to provide meaningful communication, attentive listening, and actionable strategies intended to support the advancement of her patient’s health and wellness. Sharon is dedicated to supporting the goals and personal aspirations of her clients as they work together to uncover difficult traumas and events that negatively impact their emotions and behaviors. She believes in delivering a collaborative and comprehensive approach to teaching her patients how to acknowledge their past, recognize their thoughts, and face their emotions.

Pavan Prasad


Pavan Prasad believes in approaching his clients who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder with compassion, knowledge, and direction. As a psychiatrist, Dr. Prasad practices both psychotherapeutic methods and medication management as treatment procedures to deal with various mental health conditions. He focuses on assessing, evaluating, and treating PTSD in his patients through thorough examination and patience. Dr. Prasad centers the foundation of his therapeutic approach around the idea of gaining emotional understanding and enacting behavioral modifications as a means to develop an individual’s greatest potential.