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Panic disorder is a type of anxiety-based disorder. People who suffer from panic disorder will experience panic attacks due to a specific or nonspecific fear and/or stressor. A panic attack is an unanticipated and unexpected episode where a person becomes fearful that they are in immediate danger. There are many possible symptoms of a panic attack which include an accelerated heart rate, sweating, restlessness, extreme sense of worry, and shaking.  

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Liz Calabrese

LCPC, Therapist

Liz Calabrese encourages her clients to reach their goals by examining and determining their strength based qualities. By accessing the traits and attributes that make them feel good about themselves, Liz helps to design and implement a plan of treatment that works to benefit and improve any irrational fears or worries. She believes strongly in her patient’s ability to grow, change and heal into the best versions of themselves that they strive to be. Of course maintaining a focus on the positive qualities of their authentic selves. It is with this positive and collaborative approach that Liz is able to assist those suffering from anxiety and panic issues with ease.  

Lizzie Ausland

LPC, CADC, Therapist

Lizzie Ausland approaches her clients with an integrative process which involves a combination of Person-Centered, Motivational Interviewing, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy therapeutic techniques. For clients who are suffering from panic disorder that involves anxiety levels that cause panic attacks, Lizzie chooses to focus specifically on building skills and coping techniques that develop confidence and self-esteem. By increasing and improving a person’s self-regard and self-assurance, she is able to help them understand their strengths.