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Occupational difficulties refer to issues, problems or concerns that a person may be dealing with within the workplace. Some of these issues may include work overload, relational problems within the workplace, or the lack of passion or connection to a career path. Regardless of the specific occupational difficulty, the common result is that of job stress. When a person experiences distress due to job-related problems, many other aspects of one’s life can be negatively impacted; such as the development of mood-related disorders, relationship issues, addiction, and substance abuse as a form of coping. Finding the support of a professional who is trained to help navigate with the stressors related to occupational problems can be helpful to getting back on track.

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Charlinda Brashear


Charlinda Brashear is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has a background in vocational rehabilitation. She seeks to support patients dealing with job-related issues in the direction of passion and joy. She believes that individuals who are unhappy in their jobs are at risk for developing a variety of consequential mental health conditions, such as anxiety, depression and addiction. Therefore, she strongly believes that the focus of time spent in therapy should be on finding themselves, their joy and understanding that they are in control of their destiny. Charlinda empowers her clients to live fully in order to be successful.

Anastasia Maravelias


Anastasia Maravelias is passionate about working with clients who are working to overcome mood-related disorders, including depression and anxiety which can stem from other complicated issues such as relationship struggles, identity problems, and life transitions. Dr. Maravelias integrates the understanding of both past and present experiences, as well as interpersonal relationship matters. She focuses on using skill-based and solution-focused techniques that help to build self-awareness and make significant progress on self-improvement. By utilizing a multi-faceted approach that includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Mindfulness, Dr. Maravelias helps clients to make positive change possible.

Courtney Morris


Reggie Pacheco utilizes psychotherapy and psychological testing to assess individuals who are struggling with mental health disorders and conditions. Many of these mental health issues include anxiety, stress, and depression, which are all conditions that are impacted by feelings and emotions of unhappiness and distress in our personal and professional lives. For individuals who are struggling with professional and occupational difficulties, Dr. Pacheco understands that determining the root cause of mental illnesses can be essential to making the necessary changes in the workplace in order to achieve happiness.