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Obsessive-compulsive disorder, also referred to as OCD, is a common psychological disorder. If suffering from OCD, an individual may experience uncontrollable and recurring (obsessive) thoughts and repetitive and recurrent (compulsive) behaviors. Typically, these thought patterns and consequent behaviors become a necessary urge to carry on throughout the day and can ultimately impact daily functioning in a negative manner. Learning how to cope with and manage OCD , as well as control any other underlying and untreated mental health conditions that may be causing the behavior, is essential to lively freely.

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Jodi Randle


Jodi Randle treats individuals who suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder by assessing and treating the underlying mental health conditions. Some of the origins of OCD stem from control and anxiety related problems that are left untreated. By targeting past experiences and their impact on current behaviors, such as OCD, Jodi is able to assist patients in learning how to overcome their struggles. She focuses on developing multi-dimensional wellness practices, skill building techniques, and coping skills by using evidence-based treatment approaches to help clients achieve their goals

Courtney Morris


Courtney Morris approaches individuals seeking therapy and counseling for obsessive-compulsive disorder in a non-judgemental and safe environment that helps to promote self-improvement through the practice of introspective exploration. Genuine honesty and trust is essential to making strides in therapy, especially when aiming to correct negative behavior patterns and disorders such as OCD. Courtney is passionate about collaboratively assisting her clients in creating positive change to their lifestyles by assessing and improving issues related to control and anxiety.