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Mindfulness is an ideal state of mind that helps the human mind remain calm, aware and present. It is especially beneficial to have the skill of mindfulness when dealing with hardships and difficult periods of time in life. Being mindful includes the ability to be patient and focused, allowing us to accept the present moment and know how to carefully react and behave in a knowledge and mature manner. Learning how to be mindful from a trained therapist is a supreme life skill used to help cope with anything life throws at you.

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Lindsey Ashamalla


Lindsey Ashamalla has a clinical background in treating individuals who suffer from a wide range of mental health disorders and conditions. Although much of her treatment is clinically focused, Dr. Ashamalla believes in the importance of balancing psychological theory with the practice of mindfulness. Teaching her patients skills that are needed to achieve mindfulness is strong focus of Dr. Ashamalla’s times spent with patients. Understanding relaxation techniques, stress management, and building self-awareness are among these important skills used to reach a state of mindfulness.