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Men’s health issues can vary along the spectrum of physical and emotional well-being. Some examples of common physical health issues that men are more prone to include heart disease, Parkinson’s disease, and lung cancer. When it comes to mental health, men are more likely to suffer from addiction, substance abuse, and antisocial personality disorder. Often times, the physical health issues can impact the mental health issues, and visa versa. Understanding both your vulnerability and likelihood of developing health conditions based on your sex is an important aspect of self-awareness.

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Raymond Myles


Raymond Myles is experienced in working with individuals in both the military community as well as the criminal justice world. Being exposed to both of these communities has given him the opportunity to treat men who have suffered from a wide range of men’s health issues. Whether dealing with anxiety-related issues, mood-related issues, or addiction-related issues, Dr. Myles believes in providing a well-rounded therapeutic approach to treatment. He believes in learning and understanding about the whole person including their physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual elements.

Jillian Perry


Jillian Perry is both passionate and experienced in working with individuals who are suffering and working to overcome addiction and substance abuse related issues. Both of these mental health problems are more prevalent in men. Thus, Jillian’s ability to recognize and assist in the recovery and healing efforts of male related health issues comes from concrete experience. She approaches her clients with an integrative mindset which focuses on their strengths and enables and encourages patients to build confidence, work towards their goals, and overcome their mental health issues.