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Major depressive disorder, also known as clinical depression, is a psychological mood disorder that is characterized by prolonged deep thoughts and feelings of sadness and hopelessness. An individual who struggles with depression often lacks energy, motivation, or interest. When depression is left untreated, unhealthy and harmful behaviors such as addiction, substance abuse, and sleep problems may develop. Those who suffer from major depressive disorder are typically in need of professional counseling and/or psychiatric evaluation in order to help understand and regain control of their emotions and behaviors. 

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Sharon Koys


Sharon Koys approaches her patients by offering a professional background in medical and psychiatric training that allows for her to listen, understand, and treat a variety of mental health issues. Anxiety and stress are widely known mental health issues that she is experienced in assessing, diagnosing, and treating. Sharon has specific experience in helping clients with chronic pain management. She believes it is important to address the psychological aspect of dealing with long term medical health conditions such as chronic pain. Sharon utilizes her skills as a physician assistant to help her patients deal with both the anxiety and stress associated with their physical and mental challenges.

Rebecca Mueller


Rebecca Mueller strives to assist her clients on their journey to overcoming negative and depressing thoughts and feelings. She understands that clinical depression, or major depressive disorder, has the capability of inflicting negativite and poor decision-making. Rebecca utilizes a well-balanced approach to inspiring positive mindful and lifestyle changes to coping with depression. She targets the underlying mental health issues and fears that tend to contribute to depressing mental thoughts and harmful physical behaviors.