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A life transition is when an individual experiences a major change within their life. This notable event may be expected and predictable, or it could be sudden and unpredictable. Regardless of the circumstances, life changes and transitions can cause people all sorts of emotions and behavioral responses. Some of these reactions may include anxiety, stress, depression, PTSD, as well as joy and freedom. Some life transitions create instability in our lives as we move through the change, while others may promote stability and healing. 

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Lizzie Ausland


Lizzie Ausland strives to help individuals to see and understand the value in change. For patients undergoing a life transition, whether positive or negative, sudden or expected, Lizze believes that guiding them through their emotional perspective has an overwhelmingly powerful impact on their overall lives. She is experienced in teaching her clients how to deal with stress and stress tolerance by introducing skill building methods and techniques. Lizzie also focuses on practicing short-term solution-based therapy with patients who are experiencing a change in their lives as a means to staying focused on their goals.

Amanda Murphy

Clinical Supervisor

Amanda Murphy believes that developing a trusting relationship in a supportive environment with her patients is the key to a strong foundation of self-exploration and self-awareness. When treating patients who are coping with either a personal or professional life transition, Amanda targets the thoughts and feelings of her patients as a way of staying on track with their goals and avoiding the development of negative or harmful behavior patterns. She is dedicated to helping those dealing with change to overcome obstacles so that they can engage in their lives more fully and live in line with what is most important to them in the bigger picture.

Jodi Randle


Jodi Randle focuses her therapeutic treatments on understanding her patient’s backgrounds, histories, and thought-processes to help them reach their goals. She has worked with a variety of individuals dealing with a wide-range of mental health issues, but is especially interested in working with individuals who are coping with loss and life transitions. Jodi believes in following the client’s lead and taking a person-centered approach to help guide and support them to understand their feelings and emotions. This approach helps Jodi to create a direct and effective plan collaboratively with her clients that helps to implement skills for self-confidence and healing.