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Life coaching is a form of guidance where advice is given based on the needs and desires of the individual. Life coaches are not necessarily licensed therapists or social workers, but are trained in teaching individuals how to reach their goals. These goals might be specific to professional/career advice, life transitions, or personal goals. Seeking the support and advice from a life coach is a beneficial path to reaching your potential and finding your way in life.


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Courtney Morris


Courtney Morris focuses on working collaboratively with patients to help build self-confidence and self-esteem. She has found that by establishing a foundation in self-awareness, individuals have greater success in achieving their goals. Courtney helps to coach her patients on developing a focus for themselves that provide both meaningful and fulfilling goals. She utilizes a multifaceted approach that aids clients in accepting change and seeing it’s benefits and beauty. When coping with life transitions, Courtney is passionate about supporting individuals in understanding that change is positive.

Victoria Nieman


Victoria Nieman believes that accepting life changes and transitions is a difficult part of life, but learning how to stay confident and remain true to yourself is essential. She helps individuals to set focused intentions and work towards the direction of self-fulfillment, especially during times of difficulty. Victoria designs strategic plans collaboratively with her clients using holistic techniques that are authentic to their style and goals. By providing the support needed to confidently move through life changes, Ms. Nieman coaches individuals through the process of life adjustments by teaching positive coping skills.