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Insomnia disorder is a type of sleep disorder that is characterized by difficulty falling asleep and/or staying asleep. Often times, the root of insomnia can be related to the thoughts or concerns of anxiety or stress that hinders a person from falling asleep. They may be distracted and preoccupied with daytime thoughts and activities, that their nighttime rest becomes affected. When nighttime sleep is impacted, daytime activities suffer; becoming an unhealthy cycle. Learning how to manage your insomnia and any underlying anxiety is vital to your mental and physical health.

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Jodi Randle


Jodi Randle has an extensive background in treating mood and anxiety disorders. She understands that suffering from poor sleep can impact daily activities, work productivity, relationships and social interactions. Jodi has a unique way of addressing insomnia and how it is related to anxiety and other stressors. Jodi believes that learning how to manage your sleep habits by developing realistic goals and building a skill set that can help an individual to cope with daily worries and concerns is essential to treating insomnia and setting yourself up for a more effective and healthier way of living.

Amanda Murphy

Clinical Supervisor

Amanda Murphy is a Licenced Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) who believes that the power of living a healthy lifestyle can have a profound impact on you as a whole. By helping clients reach their goals by developing a trusting relationship with patients is of utmost importance. Amanda has a collaborative approach which involves designing a program that targets assessing and improving the behaviors of patients so that they feel in control of their choices that are affecting their sleep. Valuing the thoughts and emotions of her patients which could be contributing to any underlying anxiety is a significant component of making sure that clients feel understood and capable of making positive and effective changes to their sleep.

Lindsay Ashamalla


Lindsay Ashamalla assists her patients in developing and building self-awareness that brings about reflection and transformation. With a clinical background in treating individuals with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma and substance abuse, Dr. Ashamalla understands the impact that untreated mental conditions can have on sleep and daytime productivity. Utilizing both an integrative and holistic approach that involves both strength-based therapies and mindfulness techniques, Dr. Ashamalla supports her patients with achieving healthy sleep habits.