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Impulsive eating disorders are the symptom of deeper mental health issues. Stress, anxiety and depression are only a few of the reasons a person may be acting out in the form of overeating. As a result, the act of eating impulsively can cause serious physical health problems such as obesity, cardiac diseases and diabetes. Before your impulsive eating creates even bigger concerns, reach out to one of our therapists for help. 


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Lindsay Buvel

LCPC, Therapist

Lindsay Buvel has spent much of her career working with patients on their relationship between the thoughts, emotions and feelings with their lifestyle choices. Ms. Buvel has worked in a variety of hospital and out-patient settings with individuals who struggle with anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. Ms. Buvel’s therapeutic approach is the result of a combination of her background in the medical community with her relaxed, open and understanding regard to patients. By creating an individualized plan and pathway, Ms. Buvel is able to help each person reach their goals alongside them using proven methods in a safe space.

Amanda Murphy

LCSW, CADC, Therapist

Amanda Murphy uses a multi-directional therapeutic approach which involves self-reflective practices that aid in patients making positive changes in their lives. Ms. Murphy specializes in working with individuals who are suffering from anxiety, compulsive overeating, body image issues, depression, trauma, addictions, work/life balance and relationship difficulties. Many of these issues and concerns can overlap and Ms. Murphy works with patients to help understand the relationship and complicated webbing between these issues. She teaches each of her clients how to cope with their specific issues and make positive and beneficial changes to live a healthier and happier life.