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Family psychotherapy is a type of therapy which focuses on improving communication and relations between family members. Licensed counselors and therapists are trained to work with family members on an individual basis as well as in a group setting. Developing healthier communication and skills for building stronger and more meaningful relationships is essential to living and functioning positively. When our relationships are in a good place, we can thrive in all other aspects of our lives.

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Jackie Chavez


Jackie Chavez has a Masters Degree in Couple and Family Therapy which has helped to shape her strong interest in assisting partnerships and families in boosting their communication and relationships. Jackie works with patients to develop healthier and more meaningful bonds as a way to create lasting relationships. She understands that learning relevant and purposeful skills is essential to building better communication with one another. Jackie provides the guidance necessary to gain effective and caring techniques necessary to live peacefully and lovingly with other family members. 

Maddie Barnes


Maddie Barnes approaches her clients in a warm, supportive and fair manner that allows for them to feel important and validated. When working with families, Maddie believes that working with patients on both an individualized level as well as with their family members is a thorough approach that provides a level of understanding from all angles. She knows that empowering family members to speak up and communicate with one another in a therapeutic setting is an effective and productive way to reach goals for yourself and your relationships.