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Domestic violence is the act of physically, emotionally, mentally and/or verbally abusing another person within the same home or intimate relationship. There is a focused element of power struggle where one person has a dominant position over the other within the relationship. This disturbing behavior can be between spousal partners, parent and child, or even child and child. Seeking professional help for yourself or someone you may know who is struggling in a domestic abusive relationship is paramount to stopping the abuse, getting help for everyone involved, and overall healing.

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Maddie Barnes


Maddie Barnes has significant past work experience treating individuals in a variety of crisis situations in both emergency rooms and intensive care units. Naturally, she understands trauma, assisting family members, PTSD, and most of all, the importance of healthy communication. As a licensed social worker, Maddie is passionate about helping people involved in domestic abusive and violent situations about the importance of reaching out for help, remaining honest with yourself, and staying committed to a positive and healthy future. Maddie focuses on treating patients struggling with abuse with a variety of evidenced-based techniques including CBT, person centered therapy, solution focused therapy and mindfulness in combination with holistic aspects of wellness.

Lindsey Ashamalla


Lindsey Ashamalla understands that domestic abuse, violence and neglect can be deeply emotional. She has a strong clinical background in working with individuals who suffer from depression, anxiety, trauma, interpersonal difficulties, stress management, and issues associated with substance abuse. All of these treatment areas are directly related to those who are struggling with unhealthy relationships. Thus, Dr. Ashamalla is passionate about finding effective and meaningful methods of escaping destructive relationships and building self-confidence and strength.