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Divorce is the legal separation of two individuals who had previously made a legal commitment to each other. The complexity of divorce may include children, finances and property. As a result, divorce can almost always become complicated, both legally and emotionally. Our therapists are here to help guide you through whatever stage of divorce you are experiencing.  


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Lindsay Buvel

LCPC, Director Of Training

Lindsay Buvel began her career working with children in DCFS. Working within a system that was targeted to help and nurture both young children and adolescents, who came from broken homes, lead Ms. Buvel to become passionate about helping others through divorce and broken relationships. She invites her patients into a warm and comforting space where they feel safe to explore their emotions and feelings. It is important to Ms. Buvel that she is able to work on reaching each patient’s individual goals by actively listening and warmly guiding and teaching her patients on how to cope with the trials and tribulations of divorce.

Jackie Chavez

AMFT, Therapist

Jackie Chavez specializes in working with couples who are dealing with relationship issues. Her expertise is working with individuals, couples and families who are in need of open ears, guidance and direction when it comes to sorting out and dealing with relationships problems. Whether the couple is just working on their marriage, heading towards divorce or are in the midst of a divorce, Ms. Chavez works with her patients in an open, safe and respectful space for all. Her integrative and collaborative approach is meant to help all parties involved to work together to make life manageable and healthy for everyone.