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Dementia encapsulates a wide range of signs and symptoms that all affect a decline in memory, thinking capabilities, problem-solving skills, social communication and interactions. A person suffering from dementia is typically experiencing a great enough decline in these functions, that their daily life and routines are impacted significantly. Dementia is not categorized as a disease itself, but rather the result from other brain-functioning diseases. Learning how to cope with dementia for yourself or someone you are close to is important for retaining and maintaining relationships and levels of normalcy. 

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Liz Calabrese

LCPC, Therapist

Liz Calabrese practices an approach to therapy that is full of multi-directional strategies that aim to give power and enlightenment to the patient. She believes that their self-knowledge and wisdom is already within them and that by opening up in a safe space they can exceed. Liz specializes in working with individuals who are struggling to cope with any trauma that may be causing any communication and social anxiety, such as dementia. For those suffering from communication and social difficulties, she strives to direct positive and effective methods for learning how to manage and maintain memories and relationships. 

Raymond Myles

PsyD, Psychologist

Raymond Myles aims to aid individuals who are dealing with stress or anxiety related issues that may be caused by any social or communicative declines. Dr. Myles specifically works with those who are having difficulty adjusting to change. Whether a patient is seeking help for themselves or someone they are close to, Dr. Myles has the ability to provide tools and methods for learning how to cope with symptoms of dementia. He has an integrative approach that primarily focuses on using evidence-based treatments such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, Prolonged Exposure, Cognitive Processing Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Dr. Myles balances his therapeutic approach by involving different mindfulness-based techniques and methods which are intended to increase awareness and communication.

Lindsey Ashamalla

PsyD, Therapist

Lindsey Ashamalla treats each of her patients as individuals who are entitled to reach their greatest potential by knowing their strengths and abilities. Dr. Ashamalla focuses on helping her patients reach their goals by providing a plan that helps them to communicate and deal with adapting to stressful changes in life, like dementia. Dr. Ashamalla’s clinical experience is vast and she understands that many different factors in one’s life can impact the brain, the body and the spirit. It is from this knowledge standpoint that she is able to develop an entrusting and collaborative relationship with her patients where they feel secure, safe and empowered.