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CBT and DBT are both types of behavioral therapy used in psychological assessment and treatment. CBT, also known as cognitive behavior therapy, is a therapeutic approach that involves how an individual processes their thoughts based on attitude, associations, and images. DBT, also known as dialectical behavior therapy, is based on elements of CBT but have a stronger focus on developing emotional and social awareness and behavior. The usage of both CBT and DBT are commonly used to treat emotional issues and behavior patterns.

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Reggie Pacheco


Reggie Pacheco comes from a clinical background where he has been trained to treat patients from a wide range of mental health conditions and disorders. Through the practice of psychological assessment, diagnostic testing, and behavioral treatment, Dr. Pacheco is fully understanding of what it takes to help patients achieve positive change in their lives. He utilizes both CBT and DBT as a means to help patients to recognize and understand their worries, fears, and anxieties. Dr. Pacheco believes that improving your life through the practice of behavioral change is imperative for those suffering from depression, anxiety, identity issues, and other mood-related disorders.

Jillian Perry


Jillian Perry enjoys working with patients who are seeking help for varying reasons and disorders. Connecting and supporting individuals in a way that is meaningful and provides effective and productive behavioral change in their lives is one of her passions. Jillian uses an integrative approach with her patients that focuses on the use of therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy. She focuses on the strengths and wisdom that her clients possess, and empowers them to believe in their ability to reach their potential. 

Jodi Randle


Jodi Randle approaches her clients in a non-judgemental way that promotes safety and trust. This collaborative approach builds trust and the ability to grow and change. Jodi uses behavioral therapy methods such as cognitive behavior therapy and dialectical behavior therapy to address and treat different forms of mental health conditions such as substance abuse and recovery, anxiety and mood management, identity development, self-esteem, and life transitions. Jodi believes that utilizing CBT and DBT allows for her patients to talk through underlying problems and concerns and make positive behavioral changes in their lives.