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Bulimia is an emotional eating disorder that stems from a background of psychological and mental health challenges. Individuals who suffer from bulimia use both food and their behaviors surrounding food as a means of control over their emotional status. Common characteristics that are involved with bulimia include bouts of overeating which are then followed by periods of binging and purging. Learning how to control food intake as well as emotional and physical responses is vital to a person’s well-being.

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Amanda Murphy

Clinical Supervisor

Amanda Murphy is focused on connecting with her clients in a way that allows for them to feel secure and safety. For patients who are suffering from symptoms and characteristics of bulimia this is especially important. Amanda believes that being able to be in a supportive and non-judgemental environment in such a fragile emotional and physical state is where individuals will feel inspiration, motivation and see their potential in reaching their goals of achieving a healthier lifestyle. With a background in working at the Eating Recovery Center in the Binge Eating Treatment and Recovery Program, Amanda understands the seriousness of this disorder and encourages individuals to seek the help they need.

Jackie Chavez


Jackie Chavez utilizes an approach that is comprised of both compassion and direction with her patients. She generally prefers to practice methods that include cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, solution-focused, and emotionally focused therapy with her patients. However, Jackie particularly finds that a holistic approach focusing on a person’s thoughts, feelings and emotions and their impact on behavior is the most effective manner. Jackie is passionate about finding what works for each unique individual and their set of struggles. Teaching coping skills as well as healthier habits is of utmost importance when treating patients who are suffering from bulimia.

Sophie Roskin


Sophie Roskin provides a collaborative approach to treating patients who are suffering from mental health issues that pertain to negative behavioral habits. She has an extensive background in treating patients who come from a variety of eating disorder backgrounds. Based on her work experience in the specific realm of eating disorders, Sophie recognizes that bulimia and anorexia stem from deep emotional issues including stress, depression, anxiety and other mood-related disorders. Helping her patients believe in themselves and understand their strengths is an important aspect of her general treatment program.