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Bipolar disorder is a mental illness that affects the brain and causes a shift or change in an individual’s mood, personality, desires and activities. The result of somebody who is suffering from bipolar disorder is sleep issues, productivity levels, relationship issues as well as many other negative side effects. It is critical to seek help if you or someone you know is suffering from bipolar symptoms.


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Alexandra Sandoval

LCSW, Therapist

Alexandra Sandoval strives to develop a deep understanding of each patient she works with by taking on a collaborative and integrative practice. By working with individuals to find and explore different areas of strengths in their lives, Alexandra is able to help client’s truly see positivity within themselves. This helps to build confidence and self-esteem. For those people who are struggling with mood, personality, temperament and any other similar concerns, Alexandra is able to provide strategies to help guide patients to focus, explore and understand oneself. 

Cydney Stein

LCSW, Therapist


Cydney Stein enjoys working with patients from all different ethnic backgrounds and age demographics. Her ability and willingness to really listen and fully understand the concerns and needs of her patients is where Cydney thrives as a therapist. She utilizes an integrative approach that has a founding basis in psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral practices. Along with these therapeutic methods, Cydney understands the importance of balance, and therefore makes sure to involve other practices such as mindfulness and other experiential techniques. The combination of her practical methodologies are beneficial for those who are seeking help with mood or personality disorders, specifically bipolar or manic-depressive tendencies.