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Binge eating disorder is a form of eating disorder where an individual will uncontrollably eat large quantities of food at a time. Food choice, including both food quantity and food quality, are not considered. These poor choices of food consumption can be the signs of deeper emotional issues. Often times a person who is struggling with mental health, relationship problems, financial stress and professional concerns, may cope by binge eating. Learning how to manage and control your food choices is important to both mental and physical well-being. 

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Lindsey Ashamalla

PsyD, Psychologist

Lindsey Ashamalla is trained in working with a wide range of personality disorders and mood fluctuations that may impact an individual’s relationships with those around them. Dr. Ashamalla specializes in working with individuals who suffer from depression, anxiety and interpersonal difficulties; all of which can significantly impact mental health and social well-being. By practicing a strength-based and patient-centered approach, Dr. Ashamalla designs and implements individualized programs that are centered around specific goals. For patients needing to learn coping skills for dealing with a personality disorder such as antisocial personality disorder, she has found that by simply listening, understanding and emphasizing with her patients, they are able to feel safe and secure enough to make significant strides in therapy.