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Autism is a developmental condition that typically affects social behaviors. An individual who is on the autisitic spectrum may exhibit communication delays, repetitive habits and other behaviors that are redundant in nature. Early diagnosis and intervention are important in order to gain the skills needed for both the individual and their caregivers involved. By accessing the necessary and correct guidance and therapy, autistic individuals can function and thrive at their highest potential.

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Maddie Barnes


Maddie Barnes is both passionate and focused on helping her clients to learn the skills needed to be the best version of themselves. When treating patients who are on the autistic spectrum, Maddie is careful, sensitive and nurturing in her approach to finding methods and techniques that work specifically for each individual. She is particularly aware of the importance to help an autistic individual’s ability to function and thrive in an environment where they are both well-supported and well-cared for. Hence, working collaboratively with caregivers, including both family members and other trained professionals, is a vital part of implementing a strategy that supports and enables her client.