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Anxiety is universal, common, and above all else, normal. There are many types of anxieties which can manifest in all types of ways. Understanding your anxiety and how to manage it is crucial to your well-being. We strive to help individuals manage and cope with their anxieties.

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Casey Noreika_CHICAGO LOOP

Casey Norieka

PsyD, Director Of Therapy

Casey Norieka has an extensive background in working with individuals suffering from a broad spectrum of anxiety disorders. Dr. Norieka’a uses a combination of both assessment tools, such as neuropsychological testing, and holistic approaches to help patients understand their sources of anxiety. This combination allows for a balanced approach which appeals to a variety of individuals. In working with different patients, she is able to create specific individualized plans in order to help them establish and promote a healthy and mindful mentality for her patients.

Raymond_Myles Chicago Loop Therapist

Raymond Myles

PsyD, Psychologist

Raymond Myles works with adults of all ages, both young and old, who are dealing with anxiety issues particularly due to traumatic events. Dr. Myles focuses on creating a warm, comforting and secure environment for his patients to feel welcome and safe. Working side by side with his clients, Dr. Myles believes that in order to overcome anxiety you must create healthy habits outside of a therapy setting. He therefore works with his patients to develop future plans and goals, as well as positive lifestyle changes in order to create a bright future.

Madison_Barnes Chicago Loop Therapist

Maddie Barnes

LSW, Therapist

Maddie Barnes believes that “each individual is an expert on their own life” and has built her therapeutic background on this basis. Giving her clients the confidence in themselves, allows for individuals to find strength and develop their growth throughout their sessions. This approach is particularly helpful when treating individuals who are suffering from a variety of anxiety disorders. With her prior first-hand experience working as a critical care social worker in an emergency room, Dr. Barnes understands crisis and the sensitivities surrounding it. Dr. Barnes works hard alongside her patients on treating anxiety, it’s sources and how to build positive daily practices to overcome it.