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Anger can be defined as a strong emotional state of irritation and displeasure. These feelings can be characterized by rage, aggression, and an overall ill-temper. Living a life full of anger and rage can be scary and unsettling. Anger management is the practice of learning how to control and manage one’s anger. It is important to gain both the awareness and the skill set to manage anger in order to keep yourself and others around you safe and well.

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Maddie Barnes


Maddie Barnes approaches her patients based on their individual needs and communication styles. When it comes to working on mood issues, particularly anger and rage, Maddie focuses on creating a supportive and understanding environment that promotes developing self-awareness, honesty, and communication skills. She associates the ability to make positive change in one’s life based on an individual’s dedication to self-improvement and hard work. By working collaboratively, Ms. Barnes intends on aiming to help her patients to learn, grow and heal in order to lead more positive and healthy lives.

Lindsey Ashamalla


Lindsey Ashamalla utilizes a strength-based and patient-centered approach to treating patients. As a clinical psychologist, Dr. Ashamalla views the importance of both holistic and clinical modalities of therapy. When it comes to working with individuals who are suffering from mood or personality disorders, such as dealing with anger and working on anger management skills, she believes that making a conscious effort to work collaboratively and as a team is the best and most effective way to seeing results and reaching personal goals.

Victoria Nieman


Victoria Nieman believes that practicing integrative therapies to target any underlying issues that may be causing anger and heightened temper fluctuations is key to understanding how to heal and manage one’s emotions. She uses a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Mindfulness to treat patients who are looking for the right support to learn the skills needed to succeed. Victoria invites patients into a warm and inviting space where they feel safe to be exposed and understood.