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In its simplest terms, alcoholism is a form of addiction to alcohol. People who suffer from alcoholism are unable to manage and control their desire or need to consume alcohol. This unhealthy habit can create a variety of other negative and harmful consequences. Some of these collateral issues include interpersonal struggles, professional and work-related troubles, as well as financial complications. Reaching out for professional help is critical to eliminating this substance abuse problem, which is almost always used to hide deeper anxieties, stress, and depression.

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Jillian Perry


Jillian Perry has an extensive background of working directly with individuals who have a history of substance abuse and addiction struggles, particularly that of alcoholism. Due to her expertise in this specific field, Ms. Perry is passionate about encouraging people to seek help, understand the root of their addiction, and learn how to live healthily and happily. Jill understands that the origin of alcoholism is complicated and complex. Whether there is a history of trauma, loss, depression or specific stressors present in one’s life, there is always a plan for recovery and rediscovery.

Raymond Myles


Raymond Myles is trained in treating patients who are dealing with a variety of stressor-related disorders including mood, anxiety, depression and trauma. He recognizes that all of these mental health struggles can impact addiction, substance abuse and alcoholism tendences. Dr. Myles approaches those seeking help with these challenges in a collaborative manner that is gentle, caring and trusting. He believes that by building upon one’s strengths and learning how to remain honest is essential to discovering self-awareness, growing and reaching one’s goals.

Jodi Randle


Jodi Randle is a licensed professional counselor who received her Master’s Degree in Clinical Counseling with a specialization in the treatment of addictions. She has trained particularly in substance abuse and recovery, anxiety and mood management, identity development, self-esteem, and life transitions. Jodi focuses her treatment approach on building a secure relationship with patients where she encourages them to think both introspectively and honestly. Jodi believes that encouraging individuals to practice critical thinking and be able to self-reflect, they can be empowered.