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Adult psychotherapy is a type of therapy that is focused on understanding one’s emotions. Through a variety of approaches and methods, therapists help individuals who are struggling with their thoughts and feelings to develop self-awareness. In addition, individuals are encouraged and taught how to adapt their ways of thinking into a more positive and self-reflective manner. As a result, individuals gain confidence in knowing how to positively and effectively manage their thoughts and any consequent behaviors or bad habits.

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Jillian Perry


Jillian Perry approaches her patients with an understanding and authentic manner where she allows each individual to progress in their sessions as slowly as they desire or need to. With a background in working with patients who are struggling from substance abuse, anxiety, depression, trauma/PTSD, and many other mental health struggles, Jill is well versed in recognizing and translating a person’s complex thoughts and emotions through the practice of psychotherapy. She aims to aid in overcoming obstacles and guiding her patients to a road of recovery and healing.