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Adjustment disorder occurs when an individual has been exposed to a stressful situation. It typically causes them to experience symptoms of worry, stress, fear, anxiety and even depression. Sometimes these feelings and emotions can feel overwhelming and unbearable. Thus, it is important to seek help to learn how to cope with these emotions in order to manage your mental and physical well-being.

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Casey Norieka

PsyD, Director Of Therapy

Casey Noreika has an integrative approach to therapy which involves both clinical and holistic practices to treat her patients. With a background in neuropsychological testing, Dr. Noreika believes that in order to understand the origin of emotional and mental issues, clinical and psychological testing is key. She specializes in working with individuals who are dealing with change that brings about the need for stress management skills. In addition, Dr. Noreika believes that learning how to incorporate healthy habits into one’s life is essential to making self-progress and leading a healthy lifestyle, for both the mind and body.

Victoria Nieman

LPC, Therapist

Victoria Nieman empowers her patients by allowing them to feel safe and secure enough to open up to being exposed and vulnerable. Victoria believes that only by creating this type of environment are individuals truly able to learn the right coping skills for themselves. Ms. Neiman practices a holistic and patient-centered approach with clients, where she utilizes a mind-body-spirit strategy to help assist in overcoming the fear and anxiety associated with life transitions and any form of adjustment disorder. 

Lizzie Ausland

LPC, CADC, Therapist

Lizzie Ausland works with her clients by using an approach that encompasses a variety of techniques, all focusing on the strengths and positive aspects of an individual’s life. She has a background in treating a variety of mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression and addiction; all of which can affect major life events and transitions such as grief and loss. Lizzie spends time with each individual patient working on developing stress management tactics and building coping skills to help achieve meaningful and effective ways to reach success. When if comes to adjustment disorder, she understands stress tolerance and is therefore able to perceive and interpret specific stressors that may be impacting different aspects of her patient’s lives.