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Addiction is the result of a disease of the brain that causes compulsive actions and behaviors by an individual. These behaviors are almost always unhealthy, consisting of the consumption of harmful substances that have both negative and harmful effects on the mental and physical body. In many cases, addiction may cause substance abuse where an individual is addicted to the use and abuse of illegal substances. A person’s desire and need to be addicted to illegal substances is usually the result of untreated mental health issues, including but are not limited to stress, depression and loss.

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Raymond Myles


Raymond Myles works with adults of all ages, both young and old, who are dealing with anxiety issues particularly due to traumatic events. Dr. Myles focuses on creating a warm, comforting and secure environment for his patients to feel welcome and safe. Working side by side with his clients, Dr. Myles believes that in order to overcome anxiety you must create healthy habits outside of a therapy setting. He therefore works with his patients to develop future plans and goals, as well as positive lifestyle changes in order to create a bright future.

Lizzie Ausland


Lizzie Ausland is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Alcohol and other Drug Counselor. She has extensive training in working with patients who have a complex history of different forms of addictions and substance abuse issues. Lizzie works specifically on teaching her clients skills and techniques for coping with stress, anxiety, and fears. By understanding addiction’s complexities and layers, Ms. Ausland designs a head on strategy for helping her patients overcome their bad habits and create healthier, more productive and effective ways to cope with their anxieties.

Reggie Pacheco


Reggie Pacheco provides a warm and understanding environment which allows struggling patients to feel comfortable and safe to open up. Dr. Pacheco is a clinical psychologist who places a strong emphasis in therapy on utilizing both evidence-based modalities as well as holistic practices. With a background in treating individuals who are struggling and dealing with a broad spectrum of mental health issues, Dr. Pachaeco knows that addiction and substance abuse are both complex and complicated. He believes that his patients are strong and willful beings, whom he is there to help guide towards living better lives for themselves.