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Whether physical or psychological, women’s health issues, can affect and influence one another. The stress and anxiety that may be experienced from a variety of physical health issues can negatively affect an individual’s overall health, this creates a cycle that may increase other potential health issues. Some of the common physical and mental health issues that women experience include fertility issues, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, osteoarthritis, stress, anxiety, and depression. Managing mental health can directly and significantly improve physical health issues experienced by women.

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Abby Levin

Clinical Supervisor

Abby Levin strives to encourage and empower her clients to develop a state of healthy and optimistic mental and behavioral well-being. She is committed to supporting and teaching individuals beneficial and effective skills for navigating challenging emotions and harmful behaviors. Abby knows that suicidal thoughts, as a result of unhealthy mental wellness, is both a serious and critical cry for help which requires professional mediation and counseling. She treats her patients who experience suicidal contemplations by utilizing both holistic and evidence-based treatment methods, which include techniques of CBT, DBT, and ACT. Abby focuses on keeping her clients focused on their goals in order to encourage a positive and bright future.

Ashley Framalin


Ashley Framalin is trained to treat women who are coping with mental health issues and/or dealing with a physical health issue or diagnosis. She believes that developing and maintaining a healthy perspective during difficult times of mental and physical strain is essential to overcoming challenging times in life. Ashley develops a unique and individualized treatment plan for women who are dealing with difficult health issues. She incorporates cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, psychodynamic theory, and an overall person-centered approach to assess, address, and assist in dealing with health issues in promising and impactful ways.