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Stress and worry are natural and common feelings that impact people of all kinds throughout life. Some feelings of stress and worry are acute, while other experiences of stress and worry are persistent. When these feelings remain constant, they can ultimately cause anxiety. Managing stress, controlling your worries, and ultimately coping with anxiety, is important to maintaining functionality in everyday life tasks and relationships. Seeking the help of a professional to help obtain healthy ways of dealing with feelings of stress and worry can help to manage the triggers and balance the feelings of uncertainty.

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Marion Middleton


Marion Middleton utilizes an integrative approach and open-minded perspective while working with individuals who experience stress and worry. Marion understands that when stress, worry, and anxiety are left untreated, individuals can develop negative and unhealthy behaviors. As both a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Drug Abuse Counselor, she helps her patients understand and learn the connection between these mental health issues and harmful habits such as substance abuse and addiction. A prime focus of Marion’s therapeutic approach is simply helping her clients understand ways of making positive changes in their lives by effectively adjusting elements of their mental and behavioral health.

Margaret Ewald


Margaret Ewald is passionate about helping her patients who struggle with worry and are challenged by daily stress to develop healthy ways of coping. Margaret uses a trauma-informed approach to help patients recognize triggers and stressors that impact their mental health and daily lives. She utilizes a client-centered strategy which involves evidence-based therapies, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, to guide her clients towards understanding their thoughts and feelings in order to manage behavior choices and habits. Whether due to specific events that cause acute and short term stress, or constant anxiety, Margaret teaches her clients appropriate and adequate ways of dealing with unhealthy levels of stress and worry.