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Sexual dysfunction is a condition that can affect both men and women. There are many different types of sexual dysfunction, however, in general it occurs when an individual experiences an issue during sexual activity which interferes with the ability to reach sexual satisfaction. Although the impact is often a physical response, or lack thereof, the cause can be due to psychological factors. Working through personal or partner related emotional issues with the help of a professional is a beneficial way of finding solutions to make positive and effective resolutions.

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Tenisha White


Tenisha White works with her patients who suffer from sexual dysfunction to increase awareness, understand underlying emotional and behavioral issues, and establish effective tools and techniques to seek change. Dr. White utilizes a patient-centered approach that is both integrative and collaborative in helping individuals develop the verbal communication skills and healthy behavior habits. She provides a safe and secure therapeutic environment that allows her patients to feel comfortable discussing such private and personal sex-related issues. Dr. White focuses on helping her clients meet their goals and needs as a means to overcoming sex and relationship issues as well as a healthier and happier life.

Margaret Ewald


Margaret Ewald empowers her clients to confront their fears, anxieties, and any other emotional issues that may be contributing to sexual dysfunction related problems. She assists her clients in developing introspective self-awareness in order to decrease sexual activity frustrations and increase sexual capabilities. Margaret believes that by building a stronger sense of self esteem and personal confidence, individuals can overcome mental roadblocks that prohibit positive and successful sexual activity experiences. She practices an integrative therapeutic approach of both humanistic and cognitive therapies, which helps in the understanding of both the underlying causes of current distress, as well as coping skills.

Keith Merrifield


Keith Merrifield believes in the practice of utilizing psychotherapy to help treat patients who struggle with sexual dysfunction. By talking through past and present emotional issues, Keith assists individuals in understanding the association between mental issues and behavioral problems, such as sexual dysfunction. He is specifically trained in treating trauma and believes that the impact that past traumatic experiences have on an individual can significantly affect thoughts, relationships, and sexual behaviors. In addition to psychotherapy, Keith integrates holistic practices and mindfulness approaches to help his clients develop the tools needed to overcome sex-related issues and meet their specific goals.