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Self esteem is essential to self-worth, drive, success, and overall strong mental health. A sense of self esteem gives an individual the confidence needed to be their authentic selves, which is vital to self-respect. However, self esteem does not come easy to many people. Therapists and social workers act as the support system and advisor needed to supply the tools and techniques required to help individuals elevate their self esteem in order to become the best versions of themselves.

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Karen Forte


Karen Forte develops a personal and meaningful bond with her patients which grants an inherent element of trust needed when working on self esteem. She supports individuals in developing the strength and self-assurance that is required to establish a greater sense of confidence. Karen believes that when individuals have the ability to gain a higher level of self esteem and a stronger sense of self-worth, so many different aspects of their lives can thrive. She knows that the impact of self esteem can positively affect relationships, mood, drive, anxiety, and the overall management of dealing with stressful situations and events.