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Schizophrenia involves a mental health diagnosis that suggests an individual suffers from distorted thought perception and abnormal behavioral responsive habits, therefore interrupting daily life, communication, and relationships. An individual struggling with schizophrenia usually experiences delusional thoughts, hallucinations, a removal from reality, and unusual physical activity. Receiving necessary treatment from a licensed and trained professional with experience in psychiatric illnesses like schizophrenia is essential to learning how to manage life with schizophrenia.

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Rebecca Gilfillan


Rebecca Gilfillan specializes in treating mental health disorders and psychiatric conditions in her patients who are seeking therapeutic guidance and medication to manage disruptions in their lives. Dr. Gilfillan aspires to help clients who suffer from bipolar disorder to develop accountability, self awareness, and the drive to make positive and efficient changes to their mood, behaviors, and daily life. She focuses on the importance of using both holistic and clinical practices to teach her patients how to manage their bipolar disorder and instabilities in order to develop meaningful relationships, healthy decisions, and lead fulfilling lives.

Jonathan Kolakowski


Jonathan Kolakowski specializes in treating major depressive disorder and other mood-related disorders, in young, adolescent, and adult patients. He practices both evidence-based diagnostics and medication management to treat serious mental health conditions and disorders, and believes that their integration is instrumental in achieving personal goals. Dr. Kolakowski aims to teach his clients effective and useful skills needed to cope with feelings of depression in healthy ways that help promote positive, meaningful, and impactful relationships and behaviors.