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Sadness is associated with feelings of depression, hopelessness, unhappiness, and sorrow. Sadness can institute negative thoughts, lack of productivity, poor decision making, and unhealthy sleep and eating habits. Death, loss of friendship, loss of intimate relationship, job loss, seasonal change, and significant life changes can all impact negative thoughts and sad emotions. Acknowledging your sadness is important. Reach out for social support and/or professional help if your feelings of sadness are uncontrollable, unmanageable, and creating disruption in your life.

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Emily Schaffer


Emily Schaffer approaches patients who struggle with daily functioning and productivity due to mental health complications from ADD and/or ADHD with compassion and knowledge. She understands that when attention issues are either undiagnosed or untreated, individuals may experience negative side-effects with their communication, relationships, school work, careers, and general connectability to others. Emily is a licensed and board-certified physician assistant who is skilled at developing appropriate and individualized treatment plans for clients who are looking to gain methods and techniques that can help them improve their focus, attention, and behaviors.

Alyssa Bobak


Alyssa Bobak specializes in treating psychological and emotional health issues, like depression, with patients who are searching for change. With a profession as a physician assistant, Alyssa appropriately utilizes medication management, in addition to psychotherapy and lifestyle adjustments to promote positive change and mindful self awareness. She believes in the significant importance of treating patients as a whole being, and addresses the emotional, biological, environmental, and physical stressors that may be contributing to the onset of depression. Alyssa intends to offer a patient-driven approach with an emphasis on strength-building to increase her client’s sense of self esteem and self-assurance.