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Relationship issues are both common and treatable. There can be a range of issues within a relationship, spanning from less serious difficulties to very serious problems, such as abuse. Even though variance among relationship issues is widespread, the emotions of stress, anxiety, and worry are relevant psychological issues experienced by everyone. Therapists and social workers are trained to help mediate and counsel couples, as well as treat individual concerns within a relationship.

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Judy Bitzer


Judy Bitzer is experienced in working with clients who are in need of the navigational tools for dealing with and overcoming problems within a relationship. She specializes in both child and adolescent psychotherapy, which is particularly relevant for couples who feel that the problems in their relationship may be affecting their children in the family. Judy extends a fair and neutral therapeutic environment which allows for her patients to feel equally validated and understood when working through issues with their partner. She helps individuals and couples gain the skills needed to seek out positive changes in their relationship.

Marion Middleton


Marion Middleton approaches both individuals and partners who are seeking out fair and honest mediation in their relationship. As a both a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Drug Abuse Counselor, Marion is skilled in helping individuals deal with the emotional and behavioral mental health issues that are common as a result of relationship problems, such as anxiety and substance abuse. By utilizing a collaborative approach with her clients, Marion encourages and helps partners develop stronger listening and communication skills as a means to improving their relationship.