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Phobias and irrational fears develop out of anxiety regarding a specific trigger. Irrational fears develop from an overpowering and unreasonable feeling of worry and stress due to a specific cause. Phobias are essentially persistent and severe irrational fears. Both irrational fears and phobias can cause a psychosomatic response. Learning how to manage your stress and overcome your fears by gaining coping skills and building confidence is crucial to both mental and physical health.

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Tenisha White


Tenisha White strives to teach individuals effective and impactful tools to conquer irrational fears and phobias. She focuses on helping her patients to gain the confidence and self-assurance needed to assert themselves when thinking and feeling irrationally about fears. Dr. White is experienced in assessing and evaluating patients in a clinical setting which allows for her to treat the anxiety, depression, and mood issues that may be related to phobias. She connects with her clients in a trusting and supportive way that permits them to feel safe, secure, and validated with regard to any mental health issues they experience due to irrational fears. 

Keith Merrifield


Keith Merrifield practices an integratively driven therapeutic approach to treating the mental health issues caused by extreme fears and phobias. He is focused on helping his patients develop an understanding of the origin and/or trigger of their irrational fears. Keith believes that discovering the source of anxiety is key to effectively managing stress. He teaches his patients that when stress can be contained, unhealthy behaviors that are caused by experiencing a stressor or irrational fear are easier to change. Keith uses a strengths-based approach to helping patients utilize their own power to gain the confidence needed to overcome anxiety and fear.