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Obsessive compulsive disorder, which is also referred to as OCD, is a psychological disorder that can cause serious disruptions to normal and healthy daily life functioning. OCD can stem from untreated anxiety and irrational fears. An individual who suffers with OCD typically develops excessive thoughts and ultimately performs repetitive and unnecessary behaviors. The unreasonable habits are used as a means of coping with anxiety and other untreated mental health issues.

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Emily Schaffer


Emily Schaffer approaches patients who struggle with daily functioning and productivity due to mental health complications from ADD and/or ADHD with compassion and knowledge. She understands that when attention issues are either undiagnosed or untreated, individuals may experience negative side-effects with their communication, relationships, school work, careers, and general connectability to others. Emily is a licensed and board-certified physician assistant who is skilled at developing appropriate and individualized treatment plans for clients who are looking to gain methods and techniques that can help them improve their focus, attention, and behaviors.

Rebecca Gilfillan


Rebecca Gilfillan encourages her patients to seek internal self awareness and external behavior recognition as a means to seek change and develop a positive and healthy lifestyle. Dr. Gilfillan treats mental and behavioral conditions such as obsessive compulsive disorder by addressing underlying thoughts, emotions, and fears that contribute to poorly dealt with anxiety. She incorporates appropriately prescribed medication and psychotherapeutic measures to treat unhealthy emotions and repetitions that are associated with OCD. Her experience treating psychiatric illnesses as a psychiatrist have given her a broad understanding of helping her clients gain self esteem and overcome anxious behaviors.

Jonathan Kolakowski


Jonathan Kolakowski is a trained psychiatrist who specializes in child, adolescent, and adult psychiatry. His experience in working with individuals of all ages has given him the broad knowledge of diagnosing and treating patients who struggle with ADD and ADHD, regardless of their stage in life. Jonathan utilizes evidence-based diagnostics and medication management to treat attention disorders. He believes that individuals are highly capable of making significant changes to their mental thought-processing and their physical behaviors when they are committed to the therapeutic measures that are both useful and beneficial to overcoming ADD and/or ADHD.