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Experiencing changes and/or shifts in your mood that impact relationships, work, sleep, and motivation are all characteristics of mood disorders. Mood disorders are both common and treatable. Some examples of mood disorders include major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, dysthymia, and seasonal depression. With the support and help of a therapist, and through both clinical and holistic modalities, mood disorders are manageable.

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Abby Levin

Clinical Supervisor

Abby Levin provides a nurturing and understanding therapeutic setting for patients to seek out help needed for a variety of mood disorders. She recognizes that mood disorders can be caused by many different factors, but also knows that mood disorders can in fact cause other problematic emotional and behavioral issues if left untreated. Abby particularly specializes in treating eating disorders and knows that the link between mood related issues and different forms of eating disorders are closely tied. She utilizes both holistic and evidence-based treatment approaches, such as CBT, DBT, and ACT, to work with individuals on understanding and managing their thoughts, mood, and behaviors.

Keith Merrifield


Keith Merrifield aims to encourage individuals who suffer from mood related issues and disorders to develop self-awareness and mindfulness. He utilizes a person-centered approach through the practice of psychotherapy to help his patients gain the confidence and strength needed to improve their mood and overall lives. In addition to mindfulness tactics, Keith incorporates Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, trauma therapy, and EMDR into the treatment of different mood disorders. He believes that when mood fluctuations, uncertainties, and instabilities can be managed, many other aspects in our daily lives can stabilize and flourish.

Karen Forte


Karen Forte guides her clients towards achieving neutral-toned and manageable lives by addressing mood and overall attitude. As both a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Karen recognizes that mood and emotions strongly impact behaviors. She focuses on teaching individuals how to obtain stability and strength, especially during difficult periods, through a variety of therapeutic approaches. Karen understands the challenges ensued by individuals who suffer from mood disorders, however she believes that with a strong sense of self-awareness and mindfulness, our emotions and subsequent behavioral decisions can be positive, effective, and uplifting.