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Mindfulness is an approach to achieving a mental state of self-awareness, consciousness, and clear perception. It is with mindfulness that we are able to make healthier and smarter choices in our lives. Struggling with both mental and physical challenges can feel overwhelming and out of control, but with the ability to become and remain mindful, life can become less complicated and more attainable. Mindfulness can be gained through the therapeutic practice of self-reflection, insight, and enlightenment. Working with a therapist to learn the importance of mindfulness and gain mindfulness techniques is the key to being able to incorporate it into your daily practices.

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Marion Middleton


Marion Middleton utilizes a client-centered approach to working with patients who need support and assistance in managing their emotions, behaviors, and mental health conditions. She credits the practice of mindfulness as both a strong and effective means to achieving self-awareness and acceptance. Marion specializes in treating symptoms of depression, anxiety, relationship issues, work-related situations, substance abuse, and dual diagnosis. She assists her patients who are seeking help for these mental health issues to obtain the self-help skills and coping techniques to make positive and impactful changes to their lives through the practice of mindfulness.