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Medication review is an overall strategy that is used to help therapists and patients communicate and develop an understanding about the effects of specifically used and prescribed medications. With the use of medication, problems of misuse and abuse may develop and arise. Open communication between patients and their therapists can help to generate healthy discussions about appropriate needs of medication so that suitable and healthy behaviors can be obtained.

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Margaret Ewald


Margaret Ewald treats individuals who struggle with a variety of mental and behavioral health issues. It is not uncommon for her patients to utilize medication, in addition to psychotherapeutic and holistic strategies for treatment. Unless monitored and tracked, clients often times may develop poor habits and substance abuse behaviors with their medications. Margaret is skillful in helping her patients understand the effectiveness and purpose of their medications so that they can make positive and impactful choices in regards to their prescribed medications for specific mental health conditions, rather than create new problems. She believes that by utilizing a client-centered and trauma-informed approach in collaboration with open communication, patients can increase their awareness and gain the tools needed to make appropriate decisions about their medications.