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Major depressive disorder, also known as depression, is a mood disorder that can significantly impact an individual’s life if left untreated. Depression is characterized by a severe feeling of sadness, lack of motivation, and loss or surge in appetite. These feelings may cause a person to isolate themselves and become lonely, causing further social anxieties. Major depressive disorder can be caused by any combination of loss, trauma, hormones, and/or substance abuse, among other factors. Reaching out for professional help during an acute or long-term low period in life is important to help manage and maintain all other aspects of your life.

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Marion Middleton


Marion Middleton is passionate about helping individuals who suffer from major depressive disorder learn and adapt important and beneficial coping skills needed to improve both mood and daily function. She believes that understanding the origin of depression is not only important, but essential to recovery for patients. As both a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Drug Abuse Counselor, Marion assists in emotional and behavioral change. She has treated depression in a variety of settings such as inpatient and outpatient psychiatric hospital departments; group practice as a Licensed Psychotherapist; Intake Assessment Clinician at a drug intervention; and individual counseling sessions as a Senior Employee Assistance Professional.

Karen Forte


Karen Forte collaboratively works with her patients to help them deal with difficult emotions and overcome mood related conditions, such as major depressive disorder. She understands that both feelings of depression, as well as a diagnosis of depression, are a complex web of past experiences and untreated emotions. Karen believes that when left untreated, depression can negatively impact almost all other aspects of an individual’s life. Hence, she recognizes how imperative it is to treat early onset symptoms of major depressive disorder and strives to help her clients gain useful and effective skills for improving their thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and overall mood.