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Psychotherapy is the general term used to describe an approach to therapy that is focused on using language and communication, as opposed to medication, to positively improve behavior. This treatment approach is particularly effective for families. By working through problems occuring within a family unit such as anger issues, financial worries, and work-life balance struggles, communication and relationships can improve. Having the support of a therapist to guide and mediate these conversations is important to the development of relationship building, understanding, and fairness.

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Judy Bitzer


Judy Bitzer utilizes psychotherapy as an effective approach to helping family members improve their understanding of one another. She believes that enhancing the listening and speaking skills with those whom we are closest to, is essential to achieving mutual understanding and communication improvements. As a behavioral health specialist, Judy promotes the healthy practice of acknowledging the emotions of yourself and others in order to change and improve our behaviors for ourselves and with one another through the practice of psychotherapy. Judy feels passionately about the positive and effective use of language to achieve healthy relationships.

Ashley Framalin


Ashley Framalin seeks to help individual members of a family, as well as family units, to reach their personal and group goals of working through their specific issues in order to gain better family relationships. She is experienced in working with women who are survivors of domestic abuse and believes that the practice of psychotherapy is both a healthy and important means of understanding emotional struggles due to trauma. Ashley is also passionate about working with families whose children have behavior problems. Through vocal communication and patient listening, she believes that young and adult members of families can obtain healthier habits and behaviors through understanding one another’s emotions.