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Domestic violence is when one individual tries to take power and/or control over another individual by using violent behaviors. Typically these individuals are involved in an intimate relationship or are family members. These behaviors could be physical, verbal or emotional. When this abuse occurs in this manner it can become a dangerous situation and it is recommended to reach out for help immediately before matters worsen. Finding a therapist who is equipped and experienced is essential to keeping you and everyone else safe.

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Tenisha White

PsyD, Psychologist

Tenisha White provides a safe space for individuals to come and open up about situations that they may feel unsafe within. She is experienced in working with individuals, couples and family units which is especially beneficial in the case of domestic abuse. Having the ability to both mediate and translate emotions between parties, Dr. White is able to derive efficient, effective and most importantly safe plans for the future for everyone involved. She also incorporates Cognitive Behavioral Therapy practices which includes Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT). 

Keith Merrifield

LCSW, Therapist

Keith Merrifield specializes in assisting patients with emotional issues related to relationship problems. Some of these mental and emotional concerns include anxiety, depression, stress, addictions, as well as many others that may be contributors to unhealthy behaviors and habits within a relationship. Keith also specializes in working through trauma and crisis-related situations where mediation and guidance is necessary. He strives to help his patients achieve a better, safer and happier quality of life by creating a respectful space that allows for meaningful methods of care.

Abby Levin

LCSW, Therapist

Abby Levin invites her clients into a warm and inviting environment where they feel both secure and accepted. She approaches her sessions by using methods and techniques that are designed to aid in healing and understanding. Abby has a collaborative approach that combines both holistic and evidence-based treatments that include CBT, DBT, and ACT. She focuses on embracing individuals with kindness, patience and a nurturing perspective where they feel authentically cared for, which is especially important during trying and traumatic times, such as domestic violence and abuse.